Mmm…Green Juice

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I became fascinated with the idea of juicing over a year ago, and lucky girl that I am, my wonderful boyfriend ended up purchasing a Jack LaLanne juicer for me for my birthday. I was totally obsessed with the thing for a few good weeks–despite how difficult it was to clean up the filter/grinder thingy (not 100% sure what it’s officially called). But after a couple of moves and the accumulation of some other kitchen gadgets, I used the juicer less frequently.

Recently, I was perusing the website of Ms. Kris Carr, a well-known author and health guru. I found a recipe for “Make Juice Not War Green Juice.” Seeing this recipe, plus her video reignited my excitement about juicing. I know that even though I do my best to avoid junk food and include vegetables in my meals, I am most likely still not getting all of the important nutrients that my body needs. Juicing is a great way to get a ton of fabulous plant nutrition, without consuming about 10 lbs. a day of produce.

So I went to the store and purchased all the things on the ingredient list–cucumbers, celery, apples/pears, romaine lettuce, sprouts. I got everything except the ginger, because sadly, I couldn’t find it.

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I came home this evening and immediately pulled out the chopping board to start cutting all of my fruits and veggies down to size. (You can’t fit a whole apple down that chute…disappointing.) Piece by piece and handful by handful (of lettuce), I began the process. I watched as the pretty green juice trickled down into my glass. I hesitantly stuffed the cucumber and celery pieces in there…reminding myself, “They’re good for me.” I HATE CUCUMBERS AND CELERY!

And the final product turned out to be…


The smell of celery and cucumber was overpowering. And the taste–well, the apple was completed muted by all the other green lovelies that I had included in the mix. I attempted to fix this by juicing yet another apple, but it didn’t help much. I choked down a couple of gulps, even with my nose pinched for a swallow or two. And I just couldn’t stomach the rest.


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So in conclusion, I give this recipe 3 out of 10 stars. This green juice recipe is not for everyone, and especially not this girl. I think I will go back to my juicing experimentation origins and give the apple-carrot-kale drink another go. Now that, was tasty. And it may not include quite as many vitamins and minerals as Kris’ juice, but it’s a start.

Kris definitely has an interesting story to tell and she has committed herself to a plant-based diet. I wouldn’t mind taking a look at her soon-to-be-debuting cookbook to give some of those recipes a try.


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