Experience Life

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For many years, I have been a subscriber to magazines such as Shape, Health, Women’s Health, Fitness and many more “healthy lifestyle” publications. With each new issue came a burst of excitement and the anxiety of wondering what kind of content each of these glossies would contain. Though they have served me well throughout the years, I have begun to expect more from these beloved magazines, specifically in terms of content. Mouth-watering recipes, intelligent pieces about finding success in the workplace and of course, practical relationship advice were just the kind of things I was searching for. Though they all tried to deliver, no one quite hit the right mark. At some point, my boyfriend brought it to my attention that most of the issues I so looked forward to from the USPS every month were filled with nothing more than a few lackluster columns of information smothered by an overwhelming amount of full-page advertisements of half-naked models and/or images of the latest health and weight loss supplements. The closest that I’ve come to finding a magazine that meets more of all-encompassing needs is Yoga Journal. Aside from the usual fitness routines and food articles, YJ offered spiritual pieces from authors who wrote about getting in touch with your inner goddess and persevering through difficult times. They addressed real emotion instead of simply appealing to the reader’s need for “15 ways to increase your energy” or “how to fit into your skinny jeans again in just two days.”

Just recently, I have found a magazine that seems to be the perfect source of knowledge and wisdom on how to live a truly healthy life–not just through the improvement of diet or the incorporation of exercise, but in addition, the importance of meditation and a focus on how to organize our environment and improve personally in the workplace. Though I’ve never actually picked up an issue of Experience Life magazine, it has become a welcome addition to my Zinio library and I have recently become a frequent visitor to their website. Headlines that are proudly boasted on the magazine’s cover are explored in great detail within its pages, as opposed to other magazines whose headlines can sometimes lead to a very misleading snippet that leaves the reader with much to desire.

Another thing that I enjoy about EL is that they feature cover models that you may not recognize at first glance (or even at all, just from seeing their face). As motivating as it can be to see Reese Witherspoon’s immaculately sculpted torso in a bikini on Shape magazine, I believe that someone with less celebrity but a great success story or well-recognized expertise leaves a more lasting impression on readers and gives them a true feeling of the ability to obtain their own goals in life.

As someone who is breaking into the world of alternative health and medicine, a magazine that features articles from and about life coaches and content about “spiritual gurus” is a welcome change. I am ready to go beyond the realm of “popular health” and what is featured on the newsstands in the checkout aisle of the grocery store. It’s time for a healthy revolution and Experience Life is doing their part to offer that to the world.

Now that the majority of my other favorite monthly publications seem to pale in comparison to my newest and most favorite discovery, it would only be expected that I would give this magazine a high score. In consideration of content and balance of topics within Experience Life magazine, I give it 9 out of 10 stars. Though it almost deserves a perfect 10, I believe that there is always room for improvement, and I look forward to witnessing the progress of improvement in EL as time goes on. If you’re looking for deeper and more meaningful content for your leisure reading pleasure, give Experience Life a try. I am highly confident that you will not be disappointed.


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