Whole Living magazine

I received some awful news today…

My best friend sent me a message first thing this morning that read: “They’re not printing Whole Living magazine anymore. I just received Family Circle in the mail today with a notice about it.” My eyes bugged out of my head as I read this. Whole Living, (formerly Body + Soul) had for years been my absolute favorite magazine. Though I still subscribed to the “fluffier” Shape and Fitness publications, WL was my guilty pleasure and a chance to indulge in something a little deeper than “how to lose 10 lbs. in six weeks!” and “tone your butt and thighs” articles.

In the pages of Whole Living, I discovered Andrea Nakayama, who is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor. Seeing her article was not just a coincidence, but it was the source of a motivational spark that pushed me towards continuing to pursue a career in what I am passionate about — health and wellness attained “the right way,” through nutrition and healthier lifestyle. I sent Ms. Nakayama an e-mail asking for her advice and she pointed me in the direction of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I eventually enrolled in the school and am currently going through the process of becoming a Health Coach.

In addition to all of the interesting and informative content that was provided each month, I will miss the 10 Thoughts feature the most, which was always full of quotes that were thought-provoking and inspirational. When receiving the paper copy, I always tore out that page and put it on display in an area that was highly visible. I would even visit the website to find even more quotes because I just couldn’t get enough.

Since I mainly read magazines these days on my Kindle (mostly using the Zinio app — which is great, by the way), I failed to notice that I hadn’t received a new issue since February 2013. And of course, after checking out the comments on Whole Living’s Facebook page, it is officially confirmed that I am now forced to say “farewell.”

As many other readers have already stated, it is very disappointing that the Martha Stewart publications company did not announce the fact that Whole Living was going to cease publication. We have had to discover the sad truth through a poor substitute (Family Circle for most) and an invitation to subscribe to an entirely new magazine, even though our WL subscriptions have already been paid for. I haven’t received mine yet but I will be following in my best friend’s footsteps and asking for Eating Well instead. There’s no need for Family Circle in a my house…

Luckily, there are a couple of other magazines out there that should be good replacements — Yoga Journal and Experience Life. Both of these are well-rounded publications that offer more than many of the other glossies that you can pick up on the newsstands.

In terms of content and what Whole Living had to offer its readers, I give the magazine a whopping 9 out of 10 stars. As far as customer service though, they get a big fat zero. Hey Martha, next time (not that there is actually going to be one…) you could give everyone a heads up instead of letting us all receive something that’s the complete opposite of an awesome magazine in our mailboxes.


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