Ahoy matey…Gimme some Pirate’s Booty!

Robert's American Gourmet Pirates Booty White Cheddar Puffed Rice & Corn

image courtesy of http://www.buythecase.net

I had been hearing about this “Pirate’s Booty” pretty frequently from different sources. Miss OrganizedJen mentioned it in one of her YouTube videos, I believe. After being super curious about what exactly it was, I kept an eye out for it while I was shopping at Earth Fare yesterday. The only thing that I really knew about them was that they were some sort of snack/chip-like item. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were cheesy puffs! I’ve never been one to crave potato chips or cheesy puffs, but they’re pretty tasty…so if they’re around, I’ll probably eat them.

I happily added a bag of the Aged White Cheddar variety to my shopping basket after checking out the packaging and noticing that they were gluten free. (I’m trying to get back into my “good” habits, since I’m pretty convinced at this point that I have some sort of gluten sensitivity.) Upon closer inspection at home, I also noticed that they packed 130 calories per oz, with just 1 g of saturated fat. The ingredients list isn’t too long and I can definitely pronounce as well as recognize what these items are. I can’t quite say the same for the Cheetos cheesy puffs! Their list of ingredients boasts a few extras.

Their website is fun and easy to navigate. I did a bit of exploring to learn about what made these snacks different from the traditional “junk food” that’s available at the grocery store. They bake their goodies instead of frying them and use corn and rice meal as their main ingredients.

Cheese puffs obviously aren’t the healthiest snack in the world, but when you’re craving something cheesy and crunchy, these would be a significantly better option than regular old Lay’s potato chips or, as mentioned above, the more popular Cheetos puffs that we all knew and loved in our childhoods. For the Pirate brands’ effort to make “junk food” a little better, I give this particular snack a 7.5 out of 10 stars. And to help make some sort of comparison, I’d probably only award Cheetos 4.5 out of 10 stars. No MSG, whey protein concentrate or artificial colors for me, thank you.


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