Nail Polish: SpaRitual

sparitual polish

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Something about these nail polish bottles just makes you feel pampered; and the name whisks you away to a place where lounging around in a fluffy white bathrobe with baby pink toe separators on your feet while sipping on water with cucumber slices is perfectly acceptable behavior.

The SpaRitual lacquers caught my eye during a routine window-shopping excursion at Sephora. In the past, I have mostly devoted myself to OPI polishes. I picked up this habit from Mom, just as many other daughters do. And as much as I adore the cult favorite, I am most certainly intrigued by the SR products, which are “3 Free”. This means that they do not contain dibutyl phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde (or formaldehyde resin)–chemicals that are found in the majority of standard nail polish products on the market. Studies show that these ingredients are toxic and can disrupt many of the body’s important processes and are known to possibly cause or be connected to breathing impairment, developmental damage to the fetus of pregnant mothers and they can also cause harm to the nervous system.

For a more detailed look at “3 Free” and also “5 Free” products, click here.

With toxins and carcinogens being found in what seems like every product in our grocery stores and supermarkets these days, it is essential to stay informed about them and avoid them as much as possible. For many women who like to sport colorful nails on a regular basis, making the switch to healthier polishes is ideal. Investing a few extra bucks to ensure that your perfectly manicured paws aren’t possibly introducing carcinogens into your body or messing with the health of your unborn child is a wise way to spend your money.

SpaRitual isn’t simply invested in producing eco-friendly products that are chock-full of goodies, (no synthetic dyes, only wildcrafted and/or organic plant essences) but also in presenting them in a package that is attractive and functional for the buyer. Their signature plum cap allows easy open and a no-slip grip which is genius and enlightening after spending years of so delicately holding onto sometimes slippery white brush handles.

With over a dozen collections to choose from in a wide array of shades, you will have the ability to express yourself no matter what kind of mood you’re in. Their newest collection, Meditate is perfect for spring with muted hues that are subtle and bring to mind the inner calm that is usually brought upon us in moments of and following meditation.

My most recent purchase was the “Epicurean” color from the Earthy Low Notes collection. It is a deep burgundy with just a hint of shimmer. As soon as I saw it, I knew that I had to have it because it was a perfect “garnet” shade–one to wear with Seminole pride.

These polishes are highly pigmented and are true to their visible color. It is a major plus that they do not contain many most of the most common nail lacquer toxins and that the packaging is eco-friendly. I currently own three of their shades and see myself purchasing more in the future.

My grade for SpaRitual’s nail polishes: A

(Yes! I am adopting a new grading system. I think that a letter grade will be more efficient than going by a star system…)



  1. Must Have Boxes · · Reply

    These pastel colors are so pretty!

    – KW

  2. Yes, they are! Perfect for Spring!

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