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turquoise & caicos - greens By Essie

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Turquoise and Caicos by Essie

This vibrant blue-green shade set me adrift on an ocean wave every time I glanced at my nails while wearing it. After going dark with the crimson Sparitual color (in Epicurean) for about a week, in honor of Florida State graduation, I decided that it was time to get “on trend” and find a beach-worthy color to celebrate the excitement of spring soon evolving into summer. Of course, living in Florida, these seasons blend together quite nicely so as much as I love pastels and how they remind me of bright and cheerful Easter eggs, I was ready to venture into something a bit bolder.

As I browsed the enormous and overwhelming selection of nail lacquers at the nearby drugstore, I decided that I would purchase some shade of green. Pinks and purples are my “safe zone” and I wanted to venture into unknown territory. I was ready to find a color that would complement my tan complexion in a different way from a neon pink or lilac–but would flatter it all the same.

It seemed obvious that my brand of choice would end up being Essie. The large display was organized in an eye-catching fashion and I was immediately drawn towards it. Narrowing down my selection to just one bottle was as difficult as deciding on one type of cupcake at a bakery. (Those who know me well will recognize this as an almost impossible feat.) I finally narrowed it down to a couple of teal, turqouise and baby blue shades. Turquoise and Caicos won in the end. 

I ended up being even happier with this color than I had originally expected. I used it for an at-home manicure and after cleaning my nails, pushing my cuticles and painting on a base coat, I applied three coats of this creamy color, let it set and finished it with one layer of top coat. Since I’m not usually one who can sit still for too long after painting my nails myself, I used Sally Hansen Dry Kwik and even a spray of Avon Quick Freeze to speed the process along.

This was my finished look:

Home manicure done in Turquoise and Caicos by Essie

Home manicure done in Turquoise and Caicos by Essie

The staying power of this polish surprised me. I am usually lucky if any of my manicures last longer than the weekend. This one held up for a whole week–through multiple hand washes and dirty dish sessions. Even a co-worker complimented me on how great they still looked after I’d rocked the color for so long.

There is no way I could give this product anything less than an A+! I know that this is one shade that I will be wearing on repeat. I can’t imagine being on the beach or poolside without it to complement a low-key swimsuit and the margarita that I’ll have in hand.

Next color on my Essie wish list:

dj play that song - plums By Essie

DJ play that song from the Neons 2013 collection by Essie


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