Tremendously Tasty Tea

All Natural, Real Ingredients, Smart Calories

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If you are a tea aficionado and live anywhere within a 20-mile radius of a Fresh Market, get in your car and drive there now. I have discovered what I can only describe as the best bottled iced tea that I have ever tasted.

The first thing that drew me towards these teas were the beautifully designed bottles that housed them. The bright green cap, images of the ingredients within and the curvy container were enough to get me to curiously grab it off the shelf and take a closer look. I’m currently ginger-obsessed, so I purchased the Green Tea Ginger Twist. The ingredients in this beverage include: fresh-brewed green tea, pure cane sugar, ginger root, lemon juice concentrate and natural vanilla flavor. There are 60 calories per serving and about 2 servings in one bottle.

In the past, I’ve purchased ginger-flavored teas and have been somewhat pleased with them, but never quite blown away. I currently have some Tazo Green Ginger teabags in my kitchen but they aren’t my go-to tea because the pear flavor is a bit overwhelming and the flavor is slightly too sweet for a ginger tea. When it comes to my taste preferences, I enjoy my ginger-flavored beverages with that spicy little kick that the root itself is well-known for.

I brought the Argo tea home and happily placed it into the refrigerator to chill. The next day, I brought it to work with me to enjoy at lunchtime. After taking the first sip, my eyes went wide and my taste buds sang out harmoniously. This was exactly the type of “authentic” ginger tea that I had been longing for. It tasted just like the packets of instant tea I’d tried, which had come from the Asian market–strong and spicy, (but not too spicy). The addition of lemon gave it a refreshing finish that left me wanting more and more. This would be the perfect refreshment on a hot summer afternoon, or almost anytime for that matter.

They cost about $2.50 each at the Fresh Market and I have yet to discover them at any other grocery store. This particular flavor doesn’t seem to be currently available on the Argo website, but even if it were, I’m not sure that I could indulge that much. A case of 12 bottles is priced at $34.95–rough $2.91 each. And of course, this is the price before tax and shipping are added. Ouch. So…going back to square one, I guess $2.50 a bottle isn’t such a bad price after all! And anyway, it makes more sense to invest a bit more money on something delicious that actually includes some health benefits (such as providing antioxidants and aiding with digestion) rather than wasting a dollar on a nutritionally void soda.

If you love tea and happen to be a fan of grab-and-go bottles that you can pick up from the grocery or convenient store, I highly recommend the Argo products. They will add a little bit of brightness to your day. I happily give the Green Tea Ginger Twist a big, bold A! (Psst…Argo! Coming down in cost just a little bit would guarantee an A+ next time around.)


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