Meditation made easy

The practice of meditation is not just for use in yoga class and/or monasteries anymore. It is becoming an everyday ritual practiced by busy moms, intense athletes and young professionals, too. Taking breaks to quiet your mind and focus can be beneficial not only for stress but for overall well-being. The thought of meditation can bring about mental images of dark, candle-lit rooms and the need to sit cross-legged on the floor, but neither the candles nor the aforementioned seating position are necessary. is a website that provides beautiful nature images paired with serene sounds that are meant to put you into relaxation mode. Not only can you visit the site from your desktop, but you can use their app as well when you’re on-the-go and in need of a little inner focus.

Offering options for sessions that are as short as 2 minutes–(and as long as 30 minutes) make it convenient to fit meditation into any schedule. There are guided sessions, in which a lovely, peaceful voice encourages you to relax and be attentive to your breath and posture; and for those of us who just need the soothing nature sounds, there is a non-guided option as well.

If you consider yourself more of a “novice” as far as meditating goes, Calm allows you to subscribe to their “Premium Programs” (best deal: $9.99 for one year) which gives you access to: Anxiety Release, Confidence, Creativity, Energy, Focus and Sleep. I personally have yet to try out the additional programs, but I must say, I am tempted. Though I do not necessarily practice daily, I have always come out of meditation practice with a renewed energy and sense of well-being that we very often neglect to work towards or acknowledge in our everyday life.

I give this app an A+ for making meditation accessible and “acceptable” for normal, everyday people. Sometimes, we have to treat ourselves and our problems (stress, anxiety, anger, etc.) from the inside out and this is an enjoyable and easy way of doing it. Find the Calm app on your smartphone or visit the site from your computer. Kick back, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. It won’t be long until you are enjoying the awesome benefits.


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