Presented by En*Theos: The Quarterlife Upgrade

The Quarterlife Upgrade is a collection of interviews that Christine Hassler conducted over the past week with a number of well-known experts in different areas such as financial, relationships and spiritual knowledge. The VIP list includes Gabby Bernstein, Kathryn Budig, Mat Boggs and many more insightful minds who openly share experiences and advice that are eagerly grasped by the young, 20- and 30-something’s to whom they are speaking. This is a seminar for those who have questions. Questions about what? Well, anything, really. Conversations covered a range of topics from establishing financial independence for retirement to the aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur to getting in touch with one’s “deepest truth.”

As a lover of knowledge and learning, I was highly anticipating this series and listened to as much as I could throughout the week, in between my long hours at work. Each interview inspired and enlightened me in its own unique way and I was in awe of the information that all of the speakers had to offer. I watched and listened, knowing that these people were once in my shoes and they were passing along wisdom that they acquired through their own personal experiences. Realizing that these now successful coaches, speakers, authors, etc. were once just as clueless and confused as myself created an instant connection for me and made the words that I was hearing incredibly valuable.

In my opinion, young-professional/post-grad adults are in the most vulnerable time of their lives. When college is over, we find ourselves at a turning point and wondering what it is exactly that we are supposed to be doing. A few years prior, college was the “real world,” but the reality of it is that we were still sheltered and supervised to a certain degree. Direct guidance, whether it was through professors, advisors or another seasoned adult was readily available. When our formal educations are over, it becomes extremely difficult to pave our own roads and not wonder if we are making the right choices and heading in the “right direction.”

This series has been a wonderful reminder that it’s okay not to please everyone; that we shouldn’t be ashamed to proclaim “who I am” in terms of who we truly are instead of what our parents, peers or partners expect us to be. It is an honest and realistic guide to making small changes now that will resonate with us throughout the rest of our lives.

I would highly recommend this series to anyone who is in need of changing their perspective and who wants to realize how they can open themselves up to higher truths and a deeper, more meaningful life. If you feel like your path hasn’t and will never be the perfect consistency of “college, career, marriage, family,” then you will gain much inspiration and a greater sense of feeling that being “different” is not only okay, it’s absolutely right for you.

Hands down A+ for this program. With extra credit!!

The last few interviews are still available for a very limited time–after tonight, there won’t be general access to them, but through midnight tomorrow, you can own the series for just $47. After tomorrow, the price goes up to $97.

I usually would be extremely hesitant to spend so much money on a series of interviews, but in this instance, I feel that this investment is completely worth it. If you are the type of person who enjoys the experience of broadening your perspective and becoming motivated through the positive energy of other people, then you will find this a beneficial investment as well.


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