Product Review: Mini Chillout Tower Fan

Mini Chillout Tower Fan - Pink

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As most ladies like myself probably know, one of the most annoying things that we have to deal with on a daily basis is doing our hair and makeup in a steamy, just-showered-in bathroom. Not only is the foggy mirror distorting our view of our (gorgeous, goddess-like) selves, the humidity and warmth is enough to make us want to perform our beauty routine in a walk-in refrigerator. Hey…whatever it takes to ensure our under-eye concealer and kohl eyeliner stay put.

After much too long of putting up with this problem, I found myself at Target one afternoon to pick up some necessities and a light bulb sparked up above my head when I saw an endcap of compact, colorful tower fans. After only a moment’s hesitation, I picked up a hot pink one and threw it into my shopping cart. At $16.99, I decided that it was a steal. No more torturous post-shower primping for this girl!

Or so I thought…

The fan was small so it didn’t take up very much space on my already sparse countertop. I also give kudos to the fact that it has a power-cord and is not battery-operated. BUT–I switched the dial to the middle, the highest setting, and felt a very slight breeze being blown my way. Confused at first, I turned the dial one more notch and then felt as though someone was blowing a very lackluster stream of air onto my arm, which was positioned directly in front of the fan.

I attempted to stay positive and wait until the next morning to test it out properly. Sadly, the fan’s performance during a real trial did not change my original impression. In fact, I became quite upset that I had purchased the item in the first place.

I could try to defend this fan and “understand” that the target consumer is most likely college students living in a small dorm room who are maybe looking to cool the place down a bit at an inexpensive cost, but even for that purpose, I couldn’t see this fan fulfilling its intended goal. I believe that this was a poor execution on the part of the company who produces it and they should really go back to the drawing board to create a fan that will actually do what it’s supposed to–instead of stealing $18 (yes, I’m factoring in the estimated tax) of hard-working people’s money for something that doesn’t work.

Today’s important lesson: Cute and colorful does not equal functional.

I give this product a D. And I think I must be in a good mood right now because honestly…it probably deserves a letter that hasn’t even been added to the alphabet yet. If you happened to be considering purchasing this product and having faith in it as all of us “Tar-jey” fans blindly do, learn from my experience and spend the extra money to get a fan that will actually cool you down.


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  1. Katrina · · Reply

    I got the same fan last summer and it doesn’t even turn on. I just took it out now to try it again – no dice. So I began just unscrewing the entire thing and just made it worse. I figured there was nothing to lose. If you return it to the company, you have to send $10! No way. 🙂

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