Your Daily Greens

amazing grass green superfood

Let’s face it: Only in a perfect world does each person get their recommended number of fruit and vegetable servings every single day. You know that greens–broccoli, spinach, kale and the like, are good for you. It’s probably been drilled into your head so many times throughout your entire life that when you hear it or read it, you can’t help but roll your eyes and think to yourself, “Old news!” But what exactly is it about “greens” that are so great for us?

It’s all the lovely vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that they contain! These terms may sound foreign to you, but just trust me on this–you need these nutritional components in order for your body to function properly on a basic level. Making sure that you get plenty of greens and green nutrition on a daily basis can change result in awesome benefits over time.

You can add a green salad to your lunch, have green bell pepper strips with hummus as a snack and include spinach in your dinner. That would be a great move towards increasing your power-nutrient intake if you’re not a big vegetable eater already. Some of the more “seasoned” healthy eaters may eat two or three times this amount of produce throughout their day. No matter where you fall on the vegetable-consuming spectrum, including a greens supplement in your diet can help tremendously.

The feature product of this article is the 15,000 ORAC Green Superfood by Amazing Grass. It can be found at most health food stores in 30 or 60 serving tubs and even in single packets that you can purchase in order to sample the different flavors that are available. ORAC is the Amazing Grass Antioxidant Berry drink powder. The ingredients come from whole foods and include the following blends: Amazing Grass Green Food Blend (with wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, spirulina, spinach, chlorella and broccoli), Amazing Grass High Antioxidant Blend (with all sorts of superfruit extracts, maca, green tea and more), EFA Fiber Blend (flax seed power, apple pectin powder) and Digestive Enzyme and Active Culture Pre & Probiotic Blend.

All of these ingredients contain a powerhouse combination of stuff that will support an increase in energy, maintaining a healthy weight, beautiful skin and hair, good digestion, free-radical fighting and more. And all you need is one little scoop in a few ounces of water or juice. You can even blend the powder with fruit and milk or juice and create your very own green smoothie!

This is a product that I can only give glow recommendations for. It deserves an A+ for all of the fantastic benefits that it provides. No matter how great (or maybe not-so-great) your daily diet is, you can breathe a small sigh of relief and know that you’re nourishing your body in a healthy way by supplementing with glorious greens. Keep eating your spinach, of course! But use this product as extra insurance to safeguard your optimal health.


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