Protein Bar Showdown: Quest vs. Victory

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Most fitness fiends are familiar with Quest bars. They are high-protein bars that come in a variety of flavors including Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Coconut Cashew and Cinnamon Bun and contain 20 g of protein, around 18 g of fiber and little to no sugar. The bars are soft and somewhat chewy, but some varieties can be a bit dry. For a quick and easy post-workout protein fix, they are certainly convenient and can be considered something of a treat. Many hardcore aficionados exist and they are even known to create some drool-worthy recipes using the Quest bars.

Recently though, the Oh Yeah! Victory Bars were brought to my attention. At first squeeze, it is easy to see that the Victory bars are much softer than Quest bars. And at first taste, I fell in love. The texture and taste are, in my opinion, ten times better than what Quest has to offer. And the nutritional stats stack up pretty well against the competition. One main difference is that the Victory Bars use real sweetener–agave nectar in their bars, but I actually prefer this over the sugar alcohols contained by the Quest products.

Taste: Quest B+, Victory A

Texture: Quest B, Victory A+

Flavor Variety: Quest A+, Victory B-

Quest offers a wide variety of flavors and you could make a real project out of trying all of them! Victory just has a few flavors but they stick to the tried-and-true basics. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is my hands-down favorite.

Protein content: Quest 20 g, Victory 21 g

Fiber content: Quest about 18 g, Victory 20 g

The high fiber content of both of these products is a great way to get more of the RDA for your daily diet. Most people get nowhere near the amount of dietary fiber that they are supposed to. Women, aim for at least 28 grams per day and men, your goal is about 38 grams. These bars help you to get over halfway there!

Overall Nutrition content: Quest B+, Victory A

Some of the Quest bars do contain the artificial sweetner, sucralose, and this is why I gave Victory bars a better score for overall nutrition content. In most all of the other areas, both bars average about the same for nutrition. The saturated fat content of Victory bars seems slightly higher, but only by about .5-1 gram per serving. 

The Winner: Oh Yeah! Victory Bars

Questions or comments? Who do you think the winner should be? Share your thoughts.



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