New Favorite (Eye) Palette


I had no idea that Urban Decay was going to be releasing a 3rd palette in their Naked series and was very excited to make this discovery soon after it was released. As much as I love makeup, I don’t necessarily keep up with the “latest and greatest” because that ends up just being too much of a temptation for me.

After seeing the palette on Sephora’s website, I wasn’t immediately moved to go purchase it. Though the packaging and colors were very attractive, I wasn’t necessarily sure if I needed it. After all, I am the proud owner of Naked 2 and that is my “go-to” palette for my day-to-day needs. Naked 3 was touted for its array of rose gold hues and this description didn’t exactly appeal to me…right off the bat, anyways.

Being that it is that time of year that the mall seems to be unavoidable, I found myself stopping in at Sephora to check out their products. I was originally drawn in to explore the fragrance section and then curiosity got the best of me. I asked one of the employees if they had the Naked 3 in stock and she happily led me over to it. Seeing it in person made a huge difference and being able to test out the colors on my own skin changed my mind completely. The colors were quite complementary on my tan skin so I ultimately decided to go ahead and buy it. (Luckily, I had a $15 Beauty Insiders reward card on hand. Perfect timing.)

I have been using this palette for about two weeks now and it has easily become my new everyday favorite. I originally thought that it would be a bit harder to match to my outfits because I didn’t feel that rose gold necessarily paired well with everything…but in fact, it is a neutral palette–just like the original and #2, and it paired with my clothes just fine.

This palette has an overall “romantic” feeling to it. The range of colors allows you to create a beautiful, bright-eyed look that can also be a bit sultry, if you use the darker hues at the outer corners of your lids. I’ve enjoyed experimenting with different looks each day and so far, I have found them all to be extremely flattering on me.

Color swatches on my arm

Here are the shadow colors swatched on my arm, in order from the Naked 3 palette, left to right.

This palette definitely gets an A+ from me. Everything about it is amazing! As usual, the color payoff is great–not that Urban Decay ever seems to provide anything less. It costs $52 but I find this to be an acceptable price since because of the quality and also the fact that you’re getting 12 shadows. Purchasing 12 individual UD eye shadows would cost you around $200. Yikes!! I also love the packaging of the product. It has a huge mirror inside and the palette itself is pretty compact. It is the perfect size to travel with. As an added bonus, UD provides samples of 4 of their different primers to go along with your new palette and to give your eye makeup fabulous staying power.

Now that two of the Urban Decay palettes are part of my makeup collection, I am certainly interested in branching out and exploring their other products. In the past, I’ve tried their eye potion primer and it worked like a charm. I have faith that the rest of their amazing cosmetics line will be just as impressive.

To purchase the Naked 3 palette from Sephora, click here.

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