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Whole Living magazine

I received some awful news today… My best friend sent me a message first thing this morning that read: “They’re not printing Whole Living magazine anymore. I just received Family Circle in the mail today with a notice about it.” My eyes bugged out of my head as I read this. Whole Living, (formerly Body […]

Book Review: How We Decide

  How We Decide by Jonah Lehrer was an impulsive choice of reading for me. In college, I greatly enjoyed my Psychology courses and actually found them fun, (as opposed to classes I had to take for my major such as Metabolism and Survey of Organic Chemistry). I would hardly ever miss a class and during lectures, I […]

Experience Life

image borrowed from For many years, I have been a subscriber to magazines such as Shape, Health, Women’s Health, Fitness and many more “healthy lifestyle” publications. With each new issue came a burst of excitement and the anxiety of wondering what kind of content each of these glossies would contain. Though they have served me […]

The Art of Racing in the Rain

As a dog owner and dog lover myself, I decided that this would be the perfect first book to enjoy on my brand new Kindle Fire HD. (I got this lovely e-reader as a Christmas present from my boyfriend.) My best friend had actually mentioned this title to me a while back, but I had […]

Sensational Sundays on ABC

*Note: This entry may contain spoilers, so if you’re a OUAT/Revenge/666 Park Avenue fan and aren’t currently caught up, please do not read. With the debut of ABC’s Fall television lineup, my derriere was glued to the couch cushions on Sunday night, after a long day of work. My original plan was to get ready […]