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Protein Bar Showdown: Quest vs. Victory

  Most fitness fiends are familiar with Quest bars. They are high-protein bars that come in a variety of flavors including Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Coconut Cashew and Cinnamon Bun and contain 20 g of protein, around 18 g of fiber and little to no sugar. The bars are soft and somewhat chewy, but some […]

Tremendously Tasty Tea

image from If you are a tea aficionado and live anywhere within a 20-mile radius of a Fresh Market, get in your car and drive there now. I have discovered what I can only describe as the best bottled iced tea that I have ever tasted. The first thing that drew me towards these teas were the beautifully […]

Ahoy matey…Gimme some Pirate’s Booty!

image courtesy of I had been hearing about this “Pirate’s Booty” pretty frequently from different sources. Miss OrganizedJen mentioned it in one of her YouTube videos, I believe. After being super curious about what exactly it was, I kept an eye out for it while I was shopping at Earth Fare yesterday. The only […]

Anchor Porter

photo edited with Instagram At halftime during the Florida State vs. Virginia Tech game last night, I decided that an emergency trip to the store was in order so that I could get myself a porter or stout beer. I had just finished off my share of a Samuel Smith Organic Cider and suddenly developed […]

Campbell’s Soup: Braised Beef Stew

image courtesy of It’s finally that time of year here in Tallahassee; when you can break out that wrinkled stash of sweaters, leggings and even scarves. Some ladies excitedly don their snow boots, (I haven’t given up my open-toed heels for work, and weekender sandals just yet). And aside from the enthusiasm of being […]

Indaba Shiraz

The first Shiraz I ever tried was the Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz. “Sweet” was exactly the word that enticed me to take a chance on the red vino. Of course, this was back in my Riesling-only days. I decided to be adventurous and dabble across the divide of whites vs. reds, although I was thoroughly […]

Mmm…Green Juice

image courtesy of Google I became fascinated with the idea of juicing over a year ago, and lucky girl that I am, my wonderful boyfriend ended up purchasing a Jack LaLanne juicer for me for my birthday. I was totally obsessed with the thing for a few good weeks–despite how difficult it was to clean up […]