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Protein Bar Showdown: Quest vs. Victory

  Most fitness fiends are familiar with Quest bars. They are high-protein bars that come in a variety of flavors including Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Coconut Cashew and Cinnamon Bun and contain 20 g of protein, around 18 g of fiber and little to no sugar. The bars are soft and somewhat chewy, but some […]

Your Daily Greens

Let’s face it: Only in a perfect world does each person get their recommended number of fruit and vegetable servings every single day. You know that greens–broccoli, spinach, kale and the like, are good for you. It’s probably been drilled into your head so many times throughout your entire life that when you hear it or read […]

*Fitness* Product Review: Fitbit One

  One of the few things that I asked for on my birthday (which was last week) was a Fitbit One activity tracker. Ever since products like the Nike Fuel band, Jawbone Up and Fitbit Flex started to become a popular commodity among fitness fanatics, I have been secretly wishing to get one for myself. At around $100 […]

Presented by En*Theos: The Quarterlife Upgrade

The Quarterlife Upgrade is a collection of interviews that Christine Hassler conducted over the past week with a number of well-known experts in different areas such as financial, relationships and spiritual knowledge. The VIP list includes Gabby Bernstein, Kathryn Budig, Mat Boggs and many more insightful minds who openly share experiences and advice that are […] Meditation made easy

The practice of meditation is not just for use in yoga class and/or monasteries anymore. It is becoming an everyday ritual practiced by busy moms, intense athletes and young professionals, too. Taking breaks to quiet your mind and focus can be beneficial not only for stress but for overall well-being. The thought of meditation can […]

Whole Living magazine

I received some awful news today… My best friend sent me a message first thing this morning that read: “They’re not printing Whole Living magazine anymore. I just received Family Circle in the mail today with a notice about it.” My eyes bugged out of my head as I read this. Whole Living, (formerly Body […]

Experience Life

image borrowed from For many years, I have been a subscriber to magazines such as Shape, Health, Women’s Health, Fitness and many more “healthy lifestyle” publications. With each new issue came a burst of excitement and the anxiety of wondering what kind of content each of these glossies would contain. Though they have served me […]